Special offer for the new subscribers of Dinlet service!

Now you can use Dinlet service for FREE* for 1 month. Dial *606*1#YES to activate this offer.

Your favourite service is available again! Instead of the standard beep, the caller will hear your favourite songs, melodies, funny lines, etc.

During subscription to Dinlət service, you can download and change an unlimited number of Dinlət tracks for free from www.dinlet.az.


To activate the service:

Dial *185*music code#YES

To deactivate the service:

Note: After 1 month free period, the service is automatically deactivated. If you want to continue using the service, activate the Dinlet subscription on a paid basis. For this, dial *606#YES and enter the 1 key.

  • Monthly subscription fee for the service is 1.80 AZN.
  • Service fee is charged depending on the amount on subscriber's balance. Service fee is 0.06 AZN per day. The maximum duration of subscription to the service is 30 days (1.80 AZN). After the expiry of this period the subscription is automatically prolonged depending on the availability of funds on the balance. The service fee is not charged when the balance is 0.26 AZN or less.
  • In case of insufficient funds on the balance, the use of the service is suspended and the subscriber can use the service only after paying the subscription fee.
  • If the subscription fee is not paid within 60 days, the subscription will be cancelled.
  • The subscriber who calls the Dinlət service user, while listening to a music tracks, can activate the same track for himself/herself by pressing the star symbol "*" twice.
  • To get detailed information about the service, send INFO to 6900.