Add the number of your two near friends who are Nar subscribers to "Favorite number" campaign and talk to them at a half-price! 

Offer Price
Adding favorite number*  0.40 AZN      
Changing the favorite number (for each number) 0.40 AZN
Daily fee for this offer (for both numbers) 0.01 AZN

*While activating the first number, the second number will be activated for free.

For connection:

In order to add “Favorite number” tariff:

  • Dial the code *777#31#070/077 number#YES
  • Send 070/077 to 777 via SMS.

In order to change favorite number:

  • Dial the code *777#32#070/077 current number *070/077 new number#yes 
  • Send  070/077 current number *070/077 new number to 777 via SMS; 

To check the list of favorite numbers:

To delete “favorite number”:

Instructions to use service:


You can add, check and delete Favorite numbers via Nar+ app or via My Account.

  • If you don’t have enough money on your balance, subscription fee is collected and in case of balance increase it is deducted from your balance.
  • Collected debt doesn’t move to the next month.
  • Favorite number can be activated within Baku calling, Yerlim, Salam, Unique, By second, My country, 0, Boomerang, 3 in 1 monthly, Favorite Network, Super 0 and 3 in 1 tariffs. 
  • In case of any tariff change (except Unique, By second, 0, Boomerang, Super 0), service will terminated. 
  • In case of one number deletion, the other one is automatically deleted and service will be terminated.
  • Service doesn’t work in roaming.