With the help of this service you can communicate with each other simultaneously. You can connect or disconnect from the call and answer the incoming calls.

  • This service is automatically available on all Nar numbers.
  • The subscriber who arranging conference call will pay for the conversation of each interlocutor in accordance with terms of his tariff.
  • Only 6 numbers can join Conference call.

To use this service you should activate "Call Waiting" / "Hold Connection" service by dialing *43#YES.  

How to use?

  • Call to the first interlocutor in a normal mode;
  • Activate Hold mode connections, press 2 and YES buttons;
  • Call the second interlocutor  (at that time, the first interlocutor is waiting on line);
  • For starting the conference, press 3 and YES buttons;
  • In order to connect more interlocutors to talk, use the Hold mode (press 2 and YES buttons), repeat steps 2 and 3. In this way, you can increase the total number of interlocutors to five people;
  • To complete the conference  just click on NO button;
  • If the customer wants to speak with only one of the participants of the call, first press 2 button, and then dial the order number of that participant;
  • You can interrupt a private conversation and return to the Conference call. Press 2 and YES buttons and hold the interlocutor on line and continue the conversation with other participants of the Conference call;
  • If you want to disconnect conversation with one of the interlocutors of the conference, first press 1 button and then dial the order number of that interlocutor;
  • For example: If you want to disconnect the 4th interlocutor from the Conference call, it is enough to press 1, 4 and YES buttons.