Use “Səyyar Nar” service and our representative will come to your address to solve all problems related to your number.

Taking into account the special quarantine regime applied in the country due to “COVID-19” virus, from 02.04.2020 it will be possible to receive services through the “Səyyar Nar” service without leaving home.

Applies can be accepted through the contact and Nar+ app. Requestor should indicate the exact address, contact number and requested service during apply. The service will be provided directly at the indicated address. To provide the service, the official owner of the number must be at the indicated address with ID card.

  • This service covers only the territory of Baku, Sumgait and Absheron peninsula.
  • Request will be processed within 24 hours after registration.
  • The service is provided only to prepaid numbers.
  • The cost of the service is 10 AZN (maximum 5 services can be provided per call).This amount must be presented to the company representative in cash. The cost of the operation performed on the number will be transferred to the number and deducted from the balance.For example: for a SIM change operation, it is necessary to pay 3 AZN for the balance and 10 AZN for the “Səyyar Nar” service.
  • In case of payment for the service in cash or payment to the account, the company representative will fill out a receipt and provide a copy to the subscriber.
  • If for some reason (subscriber’s document expired, the number in the name of another subscriber, etc.), the service is not provided service charge of 10 AZN will not be paid. (Exception: number portability service).
  • SIM card duplicate provision (also SIM-card duplicate supporting "Asan İmza" service)
  • “Asan İmza” service activation (excluding ASAN İMZA certificate)*
  • Number ownership change service (the official owner and the future owner of the number must be present at the indicated address);
  • Number termination;
  • Mobile number portability;
  • Delivery of Nar Wi-Fi device;

Note*: To activate your ASAN İmza certificate, you can go to one of the State Tax Service's offices responsible for Asan Certificate service (ASXM) at one of the ASAN service centers or to individual State Tax Service centers.