What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks that offers much faster connection speeds than previous networks. It is more reliable with lower response times and greater capacity.


Advantages of 5G:

  • Reduced latency will support new applications that leverage the capabilities of 5G.
  • Improved 5G communication will provide faster and more efficient communication.
  • Better coverage and speed.

Nar presents ultra-fast 5G technology in test mode in Sumgait city.

Get 10 GB of free internet traffic by dialing *775#YES on your smartphone and test 5G speed in that area for the day.

Note: You can connect to the network at the Nar store located at Sulh street 34, Sumgait city, or you can test the 5G speed using devices connected to the network in the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

For activation:

Dial code *775#YES

For deactivation:

Dial code *775#0#YES

  • Gift bonuses can be used only near the Nar store located at Sulh Street 34, Sumgait
  • Offer can be activated at any place
  • Offer can be activated only on 5G-enabled devices
  • In order to use the bonuses, your phone must have 5G network enabled
  • Offer can be activated only once
  • The offer will expire at the end of the next day after activation
  • The gift internet cannot be shared via hotspot
  • Offer available for all prepaid and postpaid tariffs