Unlock a new level of convenience with our new SMS-based parking payment option!

Pay for your parking space with just a few clicks on your phone. No more wasting precious time on traditional payment methods.

Simply send “Car series – Parking lot number - Parking place” *(Example: 10XX000-10001-1) to the short number 1181 and pay for your parking space.

When it's time to leave, just send "STOP" or “SON” to 1181, and the system will calculate the duration of your stay and generate your parking bill.


Note*: The Parking lot number and the parking place number will be indicated on the banners placed in the parking lots.

  • SMS service is available for prepaid numbers only.
  • For more information: https://azparking.az/
  • If parking payment is not made before 22:00 of the current day, a penalty of 10 AZN will be charged.
  • The cost of each SMS sent to use Azparking service is 0.10 AZN