Experience crystal-clear, high-quality calls on your smartphone with our enhanced calling service!


Take advantage of our VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service to enjoy clearer sound during calls and instant connections. VoLTE is available for all Nar subscribers on the 4G network and does not affect the cost of calls; the service is completely free.

Advantages of VoLTE:

  • High-quality sound and clear communication:

       The era of clean, clear, uninterrupted communication has begun, eliminating worries about poor sound quality and background noise during phone conversations.

  • High connection speed:

       VoLTE ensures the quickest call connection.

  • Uninterrupted internet during a call:

       With VoLTE, you can continue your work on the internet, send parallel messages, and more during calls.

  • Longer battery life:

       VoLTE's advanced technology minimizes smartphone battery drain during long calls.


Before using VoLTE, ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Your smartphone supports VoLTE (for information call 777).
  • You are connected to the 4G network.
  • Your SIM card supports 4G.
  • 4G and VoLTE are enabled in your smartphone settings.
Activation of VoLTE

The activation procedure is very simple and fast:

  • Activate the service: dial *704#YES for service activation or check the service status.
  • Allow VoLTE on iPhone: Settings > Network > Network settings > Voice & Network, enable VoLTE
  • Allow VoLTE on Android: Settings > Connectivity > Mobile network, enable VoLTE
  • Confirm Activation: Android system check the HD/VoLTE icon at the top of the screen, and iOS systems check the Mobile Data information.

Useful USSD codes

  • Service Activation and Status Check: Dial *704#YES
  • Service Deactivation: Dial *704#0#YES
  • Service Information Request: Dial *704#1#YES
The most frequently asked questions:
What is VoLTE?

VoLTE, or Voice over LTE, is an advanced voice technology that ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity during calls, transmits sounds with maximum clarity, and provides instant connections during voice calls.

How does VoLTE differ from standard voice?

VoLTE provides users with clearer voice transmission without background noise, meeting the growing demand for better and more reliable services. In addition, this service allows simultaneous management of voice communication in one network and the Internet in another.

How can I know if I am connected to VoLTE service?

To use VoLTE, ensure that your smartphone supports VoLTE, you are in 4G coverage, your SIM card supports 4G, and 4G and VoLTE are enabled in your smartphone settings. For Android users, the HD/VoLTE icon will be displayed on the top bar of the screen. There is no visual change for iOS users, but they can check the VoLTE status through settings under mobile data.

How can I know if I am connected to VoLTE service?

For Android users, the HD/VoLTE icon will be displayed on the top bar of the screen. Additionally, you can check the service status by dialing *704#YES.

How much does it cost to connect to VoLTE?

VoLTE service is absolutely free.

Do I need to activate a separate/special package for VoLTE service?

No, the current tariff plan will support VoLTE service.

Will there be internet consumption during calls with VoLTE?

No. It will be billed in the same way as during normal calls.

Do both smartphones need to support VoLTE (both on-net/off-net) to use the service?

Both smartphones must support VoLTE to use the service for both on-net and off-net calls.