Nar Wi-Fi
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Nar Wi-FI router is required
*VAT included
Internet is where you are!

Are you moving to a new apartment or office?
Would you like to relax outside the home?

You don’t have home internet and you want to have high-speed internet?

Take Nar Wi-Fi router with you and find electric power source.
Nar Wi-Fi allows you to use high-speed internet wherever there is Nar 4G (LTE) coverage.


Nar Wi-Fi router price is 99 AZN

If during usage period Nar Wi-Fi packs internet is used up you can order extra 5 GB for 8 AZN. Extra internet packs can be ordered several times. Bonuses are accumulated. Usage period of extra internet pack is 1 month, but  if subscription fee isn’t paid usage of Nar Wi-Fi extra internet pack will be suspended.


Easy set-up

Just connect the device to the power outlet and set-up will take just a few minutes

Affordable and fast!

The price of Nar Wi-Fi  is similar to ADSL, but the speed is much faster!


Nar Wi-Fi device is very portable, internet will be with you wherever there is 4G (LTE) coverage


Manage your account

You can check current balance, status of package and top up your balance or purchase new internet package via Nar + 

Easy Set-up

You need just a few minutes to set up Nar Wi-Fi device

After the SIM card with appropriate paid tariff is inserted in the device:

  • Connect the device to a power outlet and it will automatically power on .
  • Wait for the Network indicator to turn blue, Wi-Fi  and  Signal Strength  indicators to turn on.
  • From your Wi-Fi enabled device choose the designated device Wi-Fi name (SSID) indicated on the bottom of the device.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi using the designated device Password (Wi-Fi Key) indicated on the bottom of the device.
  • To change the WiFi name and password, please visit, while connected through the device Wi-Fi. User name:admin and password:admin
  • For more detailed information on installation, customization, and maintenance of the device, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or .You can also call 777 from Nar number or 012 444 0 777 from other numbers 
  • Calculation: 1 GB = 1000 MB, interval 40 kb
New conditions for users subscribed till 10.09.2019
Nar Wi-Fi 40 GB
*VAT included
40 GB
Nar Wi-Fi 80 GB
*VAT included
80 GB