The Signature Call service allows you to sign each call. The recipient of your call will see the signature/text you set, along with the number.

Subscribers subscribing to the service for the first time have the opportunity to try the service for FREE! *

Note*: The free usage period is 30 days for postpaid tariffs and 3 days for prepaid tariffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For activation of the service:

        Send any signature to 5111 via SMS;

After receiving the reply SMS, type 1 and confirm your subscription.

        Dial *511#YES.

Type 1 in the opening menu and confirm your subscription.

To use the service:

Enter *5* at the beginning of the number you dial.

Example: *5*0701234567; *5*0771234567


For deactivation of the service:

Send STOPIMZA to 5111.

  • The monthly subscription fee of the service for postpaid tariffs is 1.99 AZN, and the daily usage fee for prepaid tariffs is 0.10 AZN;

  • Subscription to the Signature Call service is automatically renewed;

  •  During the subscription period, changing the signature is free. The signature text can contain a maximum of 100 characters.

    Example: Fuad Gafarov, Designer.

    The signature can be changed an unlimited number of times during the subscription.

  • The subscription to the service is renewed automatically after sending a notification message to the subscriber 1 day before renewal

  • The subscription renewal takes place automatically after 30 days for postpaid tariffs and after 3 days (inclusive of the trial period) for prepaid tariffs.