You can also go to Nar sales and service centers and ask for a list of numbers registered under your name:

  • The cost of the service is 5 AZN. If the list needs to be delivered to the address, you need to pay an additional delivery fee of 5 AZN;
  • The information will be ready within 7 working days and you can receive it no later than in 3 months by one of the following ways:

- By coming to the service center, in the form of an official reply letter stamped and signed;

- By e-mail;

- If there are less than 10 numbers in the list, it can be sent to the number via SMS (if there are more than 10 numbers in the list, it will be sent by one of the other ways chosen by the subscriber);

- Delivery to the address is possible (the subscriber pays both the cost of the service and the cost of delivery at the service center).

Note: For more information, please call short number 777.


  •  There is no limit on daily usage.
  •  The service is available for both prepaid and postpaid numbers.
  •  If the number you are using is registered under another person's name, then you both can  go to Nar Sales and service center and register number under the name of official user.
  •  If information is incomplete in the SMS reply, you can go to the Nar Sales and service center with your ID card and get full information.